05-Source Code Repository

GitHub and BitBucket: Which is right for you?

Now that we have our installed IDE with some libraries added, we should save our work into a reliable source code repository. Although I personally have no preference in either solution, both GitHub and BitBucket are outstanding products and either will work for storing your source code.

However, if you wish to keep you code private, you may want to utilize the BitBucket repository.

On the other hand, if exposing your source code to the public is not an issue, you can elect to use GitHub. Granted, you can pay a few dollars to “buy” your privacy on GitHub but the solutions I’m discussing are the free offerings from both vendors.In either case, both are good choices.

If you plan on using BitBucket with IntelliJ, you will need to add it as a repository because it does not come as a default option.

Note for beginners: I would suggest that you simply use GitHub because of the amount of existing support. Any questions that you have, may have already been answered in StackOverflow, YouTube or other online Tutorials.

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