Setting up an Angular 2 Environment

Before we begin, we need to do some initial setup.

1. Install NodeJS from

2. At the command prompt, type “npm install -g typescript“.

3. Once installed, now we need to also install the follow, also in the command prompt. Type “npm install -g typings“.

4. Next, we need an editor. Install […]

Wow, 30 Resources For Learning Angular 2 like a Boss!

A great resource for learning Angular 2.

30 Learning Resources For Mastering Angular 2

Kotlin – New language for developing Android Apps.

Another language to look forward to in the future.

20 Excellent Resources for Learning Kotlin

Spoke too soon!

I just wanted to follow up on my post yesterday…on the hottest trends for 2016.

What was the hottest tech of 2016?!

I think in retrospect, I spoke too soon.

I did some heavy reading and heavy binge-watching on YouTube overnight.

As a result, I came across a newer link regarding the “hottest and […]

What was the hottest tech of 2016?!

I am intrigued at the speed at which our industry travels. I came across the following article and found it pretty cool to see such new things that landed last year. I for one am looking to get, only familiar with Visual Studio Code and perhaps the MERN stack. We’ll see….so little time, so many […]

“React” Was The #1 Trending Tech on Stack Overflow for 2016

As I was scouring the Inter webs, I came across an interesting post on some Stack Overflow survey results for 2016.

“React” is #1

An impressive statistic.

To learn more on React, take a look here.

Working In Visual Studio Code for the Very First Time!

In my quest to a small web application, I installed Visual Studio Code to see what the current rage is all about. Some have said that it is a better editor than Atom. With that said I wanted to take a look for myself to see how easy this adventure is going to be.

Step […]

The Tools I Use The Most

The following list is a subset of the utilities I use the most. There are obviously more that I use but these are simply the essentials I like to use when I test software.


IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition

Microsoft Visual Studio Community Edition








Googles support and documentation […]

The 7 Principles of Software Testing

Testing shows the presence of bugs. Pesticide Paradox Exhaustive Testing Is Impossible Early Testing Defect Clustering Testing Is Context Dependent Absence Of Errors Fallacy