Prove Your Java Knowledge!

I can already hear the critics but let me start by saying that certifications are obviously not the be-all-end-all to knowing anything.

BUT, I am a firm believer that you get out of them , what you put into them.

If you put in the time and are disciplined in your objectives, […]

How To Quickly Add A Shortcut for System.out.println() Within IntelliJ

To quickly add a printline statement into your code, you no longer need to write the following ever single time….ugh…


You can now make the following changes in your Settings to use a quick shortcut (syso) with your tab so that IntelliJ will auto-complete the statement.

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How To Format Code In C# Style For Java In IntelliJ

You can easily format Java code in C# Style for IntelliJ by simply making one change in the settings.

Go to: File -> Settings -> Editor -> Code Style -> Java ->Wrapping and Braces

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Refresher: Naming Standards of Java Components

As a refresher, I’m listing the following Java coding conventions that are regarded as generally acceptable for coding in Java and more specifically for developing your automation framework.

Packages: Package names are written in all lower case. Typically includes the reversed internet domain. Examples: com.automationtested.mypackage, org.pixaloop.mypackage, org.openqa.selenium Classes: The first character should be in upper […]

435 Free Online Programming & Computer Science Courses You Can Start in June!

Some things ARE free.

It is very awesome that these schools are providing free online courses. Enjoy and take advantage of what is being offered! “Time’s a wasting!”


Spoke to soon!

I just wanted to follow up on my post from the other day…on the hottest trends for 2016.

I think in retrospect, I spoke too soon.

I did some heavy reading and heavy binge-watching on YouTube overnight.

As a result, I came across a newer link regarding the “hottest and latest” for 2017: The […]

JUnit 5 versus JUnit 4

An excellent article written by the good people over at on the differences and similarities of these two unit testing frameworks. It appears that JUnit 5 is looking like a stronger contender for TestNG. There are some differences that have been identified but the latest incarnation of JUnit looks like a suitable option for […]

Selenium WebDriver Automation Frameworks Explained!

I really liked how this presenter explained the various types of Selenium WebDriver frameworks.

International 2017 State of Testing

With over 1,600 responses from the QA community worldwide, the good people at PractiTest were able to compile all of the responses to provide us with an amazing report on the state of testing affairs. If you are a serious QA professional, this report is a must-read to know what you need to do […]