JUnit 5 versus JUnit 4

An excellent article written by the good people over at on the differences and similarities of these two unit testing frameworks. It appears that JUnit 5 is looking like a stronger contender for TestNG. There are some differences that have been identified but the latest incarnation of JUnit looks like a suitable option for […]

International 2017 State of Testing

With over 1,600 responses from the QA community worldwide, the good people at PractiTest were able to compile all of the responses to provide us with an amazing report on the state of testing affairs. If you are a serious QA professional, this report is a must-read to know what you need to do […]

The 7 Principles of Software Testing

Testing shows the presence of bugs. Pesticide Paradox Exhaustive Testing Is Impossible Early Testing Defect Clustering Testing Is Context Dependent Absence Of Errors Fallacy


Testing Input Fields

It looks so innocent but it can wreak havoc if not properly tested.

Below are some methods you can use to test various scenarios regarding the text input control.

Verify max length. Verify the validation message. Verify if it is required or optional. Verify that you cannot submit an empty field, if not intended. […] Returns To The Interwebs


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